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Saturday, April 19, 2003 :::
CHICAGO'S LEON KASS has a reading list for you (link via Oxblog).

::: posted by our man in Chicago at 9:27 PM

Thursday, April 17, 2003 :::
IF THIS IS TRUE, it shows once again that American foreign policy does not understand much about Europe, particularly about European integration. Alternatively, it shows that American foreign policy does not understand what is in America's interest. And this was supposed to be a unilateralist, America First administration...

::: posted by our man in Chicago at 11:20 PM

BLOGGING FROM THE NEW EUROPE. If only more Europeans could be like this gentleman from Estonia....

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Wednesday, April 16, 2003 :::
THE LADY was not for turning - and apparently, she's still got it...

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Tuesday, April 15, 2003 :::
FUKUYAMA OPPOSED TO NEOCONS. During a lecture by Francis Fukuyama at the Oxford Union tonight, Mr. Fukuyama distanced himself from his fellow Straussians in Washington DC. Although the talk was about bio-tech, in an answer to a question on foreign policy, Fukuyama said that he does not believe in imposing liberal democracy through war. In reference to a Policy Review article by Ken Jowitt, Fukuyama accepted Jowitt's characterization of himself as Marx and the neocons as the Leninists, with the added caveat that the Prophet rejects the interpretation of the enthusiastic followers. Fukuyama believes the neocon position is "probably a mistake" and that Iraq is going to be very difficult to manage. Fukuyama is of the opinion that the cultural constraints in place in a country like Iraq will prevent it from developing into a viable liberal democracy any time soon, although (I add) according to his own theory "the end of History" will eventually manifest itself even in the Islamic world. To be clear: since the talk wasn't on the war per se, Fukuyama didn't clearly spell out whether he was opposed to war on prudential grounds as well, his comments were confined to a fundamental disagreement with the grander neocon strategy.

::: posted by our man in Oxford at 5:29 PM

INJUSTICE IN THE NETHERLANDS. Volkert van der Graaf, the radical animal rights activist who assassinated Pim Fortuyn on May 6, 2002, has today been convicted to a paltry 18 years inprisonment. The DA had demanded life. Dutch friends assure me that everyone who is well-behaved in Dutch prison is automatically released after 2/3rds of the sentence. That means the murderer is due to be released in 2014. I should perhaps add that one of the three judges, the controversial Nol Vermolen, is a known member of the Labour Party, who has been accused of involvement with supplying illegal immigrants with falsefied papers when he worked for a refugee organization. Mr Van der Graaf said he was brought to his deed to protect the "weaker members of society", including the Muslims. UPDATE: Not sure if this is true, but someone just told me that prisoners can start going home for the weekends after nine years!

What Van der Graaf wrought

::: posted by our man in Oxford at 8:11 AM

Sunday, April 13, 2003 :::
MARK STEYN, as usual, hits the nail on the head. Meanwhile, no apologies from the misguided apologists for Saddam. They are the same people who were wrong on Afghanistan, on socialism, and on the Soviet Union. One wonders whether they ever tire of being so awfully wrong. They certainly never apologize after they have been proven wrong. And, as Steyn points out, their mistakes never humiliate them in keeping mum afterwards.

::: posted by our man in Chicago at 9:09 PM

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